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The Application EPP Product

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EPP product

With the rapid development of the packaging industry, the production of plastic packaging materials and products has increased rapidly, and new materials, processes, technologies, and products are constantly emerging. EPP beads and their molded products can be used in cushion packaging, food packaging, thermal insulation materials, automotive parts, and construction fields.

1. EPP product used as Cushion packaging

The most important performance requirement for cushion packaging is energy absorption. EPP molded products can be used for shock-resistant cushion packaging of computers, advanced medical equipment, precision instruments, audio and video materials, cameras, glass ceramics, handicrafts, and various household appliances to avoid damage and destruction during transportation. The EPP furniture is lightweight, so it is easy to move and assemble even for children. Also, EPP materials are

environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, thus it’s considered perfect for furniture for kids. Due to its durability and various colours, EPP is widely used for a chair, a bed, and a mattress, to name a few. EPP furniture has both practicality and aesthetics, therefore, the related market is expected to grow steadily in the future as well.

2. EPP product used as Food packaging

EPP molded products can be used in microwave ovens and are resistant to boiling water. The thermally formed plates have sufficient impact strength at low temperatures and can be used in deep-freezing environments. They feel comfortable and soft on the surface. They can be used for food or meat packaging, as well as for making thin-shell products and various utensils (plates, dishes, bowls, boxes, etc.). They can also be used to produce meat packaging materials, tableware, or processed into trays, plates, and packaging for low-acidity foods such as apple sauce and lactic acid cheese since they are safe and not easily affected by heat, and can be recycled. EPP products have been used for the production of food packaging boxes and microwave oven trays and containers since 1998. EPP BOX is a revolutionary new EPP series of containers with a high density in which hot or cold items can be  transported with an average temperature loss of less than ±1°C plus or minus per hour within a temperature  range of -40°C to +120°C.

EPP products are used for many home applications such as baby hip seats, ironing boards, bathroom mats, cushion mats, children’s toilet seats, flowerpots, stationery desk mats, wine cooler, etc.

3. EPP product used as Thermal insulation materials

The thermal conductivity of EPP is lower than that of foamed PE, and it has good thermal insulation properties, so it can be used as advanced insulation materials. For example, it can be used as insulation materials for copper pipes and rubber hoses on solar water heaters, insulation materials for steam pipes, and insulation materials for petrochemical pipelines, tap water pipe anti-freezing insulation sleeves, and thermal insulation materials for hot water pipes, greenhouses, and storage tanks. The annual growth rate of insulation materials in China will be more than 10%. It is estimated that the use of foam plastics for insulation will reach 150,000 tons by 2010, which is of great significance for China's energy-saving and sustainable development strategies.

4. EPP product used as Automotive parts

EPP molded products have heat resistance, high impact energy absorption capacity, good resilience, and can be recycled and regenerated. They can be used to manufacture various automotive parts, such as door inner panel energy-absorbing pads, cushions, headrests, toolboxes, etc. The PP parts used in the market currently account for 42% of the market share and grow at a rate of 8% per year, especially in the automotive interior field.

According to the development plan of China's automobile industry, the output of domestically produced cars will reach 5-6 million by 2010. Calculated based on the use of 100-130kg of plastics per car in developed countries, each car can use about 20kg of PP materials. It can be foreseen that with the development of EPP, its application in the automotive industry will be an important development area.

5. EPP product used as Construction field

EPP foaming board with central foaming and smooth surface, called CD board, does not require planing and processing on the surface. It can be processed with wood processing tools and methods. It has the characteristics of weldable, non-water absorbing, non-rotting, non-mildewing, and the surface can be composite fabrics, metal sheets, films, wood grain sheets, or films. It can be processed with recycled materials. Using CD boards as building templates, they are non-water absorbing, non-sticking to cement, and have good air permeability. They can be manufactured with 100% recycled plastic and can compete with plywood in terms of price. CD boards can be reused 50 times, and their life span is 10 times that of plywood. After 50 times, they can still be recycled, and there is no waste, which will not cause pollution to the environment.

6. The Others

In addition, EPP is used as a material for mannequins, sports equipment, various parts for automobiles, kid's cafes and playgrounds, or furniture and products used at homes and offices, etc. In particular, EPP has excellent and various mechanical properties, which is very fascinating for the producers whose products require a combination of more than one mechanical property.

EPP is the most suitable material for buoys because it doesn't contain heavy metals which are harmful to marine life. Also, EPP buoys are durable, so their cracking (and thereby marine pollution) will be minimized.

Advantages of EPP products

The competitive advantages of this project are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

High temperature resistance and significant thermal insulation

Polypropylene has a high heat deformation temperature and can be used in high-temperature fields. EPP molded products usually withstand 130℃ and have significant thermal insulation properties, so they can be used as advanced insulation materials.

Good low-temperature performance

EPP molded products exhibit good performance even at -30℃.

Energy absorption performance

Due to the special pore structure of EPP molded products, they absorb scattered energy through the stagnation and compression of gas in the pores, and have excellent compressive energy absorption performance. They are widely used in the energy treatment system of automobile bumpers and other anti-collision energy-absorbing components.

Dimensional shape recovery stability

EPP molded products will immediately restore their original shape after being subjected to multiple continuous impacts and bending deformations, without deformation, and have "memory" capabilities.

Suitable for repeated use

EPP molded products have good flexibility and can be reused without being easily broken.


EPP molded products have extremely light weight, which can significantly reduce weight and can be used in aircraft, automobiles, and other lightweight components.

Good surface protection

EPP molded products are semi-rigid and have moderate hardness and flexibility. They will not scratch, bump, or damage objects in contact with them, and have good surface protection.

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