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Two Key Steps in Operating XPS Extruded Board Production Line

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Boot Operation of XPS Extruded Board Production Line

First of all, the boot operation requires careful adjustment and observation. Before starting the machine, the mold lips must be opened at least 1mm, which is to ensure that XPS Extruded Board Production Line can start smoothly. Then, the motor and the motor are started step by step according to the set motor frequency, and the corresponding water valve is opened at the same time to make the production line enter the preheating state.

At this time, pay attention to observe the changes in the current of the host, it will gradually rise. Next, you need to open the blowing agent valve and start the metering pump. In this process, use the point button to open the metering pump and observe the jump of the pressure gauge to make sure that the pressure gauge needle is normal when it jumps around the 6MPa. Once the pressure gauge is working properly, the touch button can no longer be used, but should be adjusted with the open key.

In the process of foaming agent injection, special attention should be paid not to start the metering pump to inject foaming agent prematurely, otherwise the gas pressure may be greater than the raw material pressure, the material mouth may be blocked, and even the hopper may be overturned.

Therefore, we must wait for the foaming agent to enter the No. 1 unit, and then gradually increase the motor frequency and metering pump motor frequency. In addition, observe the changes in motor current of No. 1 and No. 2, which should be between 80-110A and 27-35A. This shows that the production line is running normally.

Cooling Operation of XPS Extruded Board Production Line

Cooling operation is an important link in the production process of extruded board. First of all, it is necessary to turn off the switching power supply of the heating ring and the switching power supply in the mold, and leave the mold temperature meter to observe the temperature of each zone.

Then, turn on the cooling water and spray the back and upper and lower parts of the die with auxiliary water to speed up the cooling. At the same time, be careful not to spray to the left and right of the mold, so as to avoid accumulation of dead materials. During the cooling process, the temperature of the mold lip also needs to be adjusted.

First set the mold lip temperature to 140 ℃ to clean the dead material on the left and right side of the mold lip. When the dead material is clean, set the temperature of the mold lip to 70 ℃. Finally, several cooling water lines are opened according to the thickness of the plate produced, and the opening degree and temperature of the die lip are adjusted at the same time.

Different thickness of the plate requires different mold lip opening degree and temperature. Through these adjustments, we can ensure that the surface of the produced plate is smooth and achieve the ideal setting effect. For more information about the production process and technology of XPS extruded board production line, please consult the hotline of this site.

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XPS extruded board production line

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