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What Are The Characteristics of The XPS Cornice Lines

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The XPS Cornice Production Line can produce a variety of decorative lines. These lines can be applied to various occasions in the decoration process. For example, the plaster lines in home decoration are also a type of decorative lines. However, at present, when producing this type of decorative lines on the market, some manufacturers are producing and processing such automatic molding lines such as Feininger, and some small workshops still use traditional manual methods to produce decorative lines. Given this reason, today I will introduce to you what are the characteristics of decorative lines. After reading, you will understand the advantages of the molding line produced by Feininger.

XPS Cornice Production Line

1. The decorative lines are lightweight

Taking a 50 × 50cm decorative line as an example, its weight is about 1/6 of the GRC decorative line. One person can move and construct at will.

2. The decorative lines are firmly pasted

The safety of decorative lines (pieces) is very important, especially the requirements of quality life-long system. If you only value aesthetics and not safety, it will bring great hidden dangers. The EPS decorative line is not only lightweight but also very firmly bonded to the base wall. It is mainly bonded with polymer mortar, which is made by adding organic glue to inorganic material cement mortar and stirring. It not only has a long service life, but also has strong adhesion, and has national standards and specifications. And it has been proved to be feasible in a large number of projects, and it is safe and reliable. Eliminate the quality accidents caused by the hidden dangers of construction by anchor bolts and hidden dangers of corrosion of anchor bolts.

3. Decorative line modeling is processed at will

Because it is the computer design model and automatic cutting, line (piece) style follow one's inclinations, the processing is simple, installation is convenient.

4. It is better to apply XPS cornice lines with EPS external thermal insulation together

With the rapid development of energy conservation in buildings today, the external thermal insulation system for board exterior walls is the only preferred system. However, the architect was worried about whether it would affect the realization of the facade effect. The decoration line completely dispelled the architects' concerns. Not only that, but it also allowed the architect to design the shape as he wanted, and form perfect coordination with the external insulation wall.

XPS Cornice Production Decoration Line

Everyone has the opportunity to choose the moldings that are more suitable for them. The moldings produced by the Feininger XPS Cornice Production Line are inexpensive and the quality is incomparable to the moldings produced by other small workshops. If you want to know more about the characteristics of the Feininger decorative line, you can visit the factory. Our marketing staff will arrange a field trip for everyone. I believe that everyone will deepen their understanding of Feininger's decorative lines after the inspection.

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