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XPS Exterior Insulation Can Be Used Indoors?

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Indoor insulation can be used this kind of XPS exterior Insulation? Will it have any impact on the human body?

The answer is yes, the external thermal insulation material XPS extruded board can also be used indoors. XPS extruded board has excellent thermal insulation and moisture-proof performance, so XPS extruded board can be used for thermal insulation in some indoor places that need thermal insulation, such as basement, wall interior, roof and so on.

However, it should be noted that when using XPS extruded panels indoors, you should choose products that meet the indoor use standards, and avoid exposure to high temperatures or sources of fire, so as to avoid harmful gases.

XPS extruded board is a material specially designed for thermal insulation, its internal closed-cell honeycomb structure can isolate air exchange and circulation, low thermal conductivity, high heat resistance, strong thermal insulation performance, good compressive strength, so it can resist the stress caused by external deformation or external environment of the wall, ensure dimensional stability, and has a good thermal insulation effect.

In the course of use, it will not absorb moisture in the air, and the internal structure will not be damaged due to the influence of wet environment.

Its structure is very stable, there is no large gap in the middle, and it has good anti-seepage and moisture-proof performance, so the external wall thermal insulation material xps extruded board can be used indoors.

Therefore, the purchase of xps extrusion board to the formal place to buy quality products. If you buy fake and shoddy products, it will do harm to human health. Feininger has many years of experience in manufacturing extruded boards. From its inception to the present, it has been studying the production and technology of extruded boards, and the extruded boards produced are of high quality.

XPS Exterior Insulation

Why XPS exterior Insulation is suitable to be used in construction?

The XPS extruded board does not absorb water, so it fully avoids leakage, infiltration, frosting, calmness and other common problems of the plate. Because the extruded plate is a sealed closed-hole structure caused by continuous extrusion, its density, water absorption, thermal conductivity and steam permeability are much higher than other plates, thermal insulation performance is its magic weapon.

The closed cell rate of the extruded plate is more than 99%, which can form a vacuum layer, fully avoid the heat loss caused by air flow, and ensure the stability and durability of its thermal insulation effect.In addition, the resistance to high strength pressure has also been widely recognized by the extruded board.

Its texture is relatively light, easy to use and operate, and not easy to damage in the process of transportation, installation and cutting. What is more rare is that the performance of the extruded board is very good, the chemical property is very stable, it will not volatilize any harmful substances, will not adversely affect the human body and the surrounding environment, and the whole process of manufacture and use will not cause any industrial pollution.

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