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XPS Extruded Board 100 Q&A - Chapter 5

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Table of Contents:

1. High molecular polymer foam materials 

2. The common sense of extruded board 

3. The performance characteristics of the extruded board 

4. Production and technology of extruded board

5. The use and construction of the extruded board

6. Other related information of extruded board

1. What are the applications of extruded boards?

Building insulation field: wall insulation, roof insulation, ground insulation

Cold chain logistics field: medical cold chain incubator, cold storage

Civil engineering: highway engineering, railway engineering, channel engineering, airport runway engineering

2. How is wall insulation done?

  • Base wall

  • Screed mortar

  • Bonding mortar

  • Extruded board

  • Mechanical fixings

  • Plastering mortar

  • Paint/Color Mortar/Tile Finish

3. How to construct extruded board in floor heating?

The composite insulation layer is extruded board + reflective film.

4. How is the cold storage insulated?

The top board, wall board and bottom board are all composite panels made of extruded plastic panels.

5. What are the cutting tools for extruded board?

The extruded board is light, and it can be cut with a utility knife. For precise cutting, electric wire cutters, slotters, etc. can also be used.

6. What is the role of extruded board paving roadbed?

Control the frost heave of the ground, minimize the icing of the road surface, and extend the service life.

7. What are the cases of railway engineering?

High-strength XPS has been successfully applied to Beijing-Shanghai Line, Shiwu Line, Beijing-Shijiazhuang Line and Shanghai-Hangzhou Line.

8. The role and case of channel engineering application?

Prevent the concrete lining board from frost heaving and cracking during severe cold. It was used for the first time in the South Main Canal Project of the East Route of the South-to-North Water Transfer.

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