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XPS Extruded Board 100 Q&As - Chapter 6

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Table of Contents:

1. High molecular polymer foam materials

2. The common sense of extruded board

3. The performance characteristics of the extruded board

4. Production and technology of extruded board

5. The use and construction of the extruded board

6. Other related information of extruded board

1. What is surface treatment extruded board?

The extruded board treated with an interface agent after the surface of the extruded board is peeled or slotted, referred to as the surface-treated extruded board, is represented by the symbol St-XPS, and is also called the matte extruded board.

2. What is the difference between matte and smooth extruded panels?

The matte extruded board is processed by a napping machine based on the smooth extruded board, which increases the adhesion and facilitates construction. The embossed board is also a matte extruded board.

3. The low hardness of matte extruded board?

Because the matte extruded board has a smaller contact area and greater pressure when pressed by fingers, the hardness of the hand feel is lower than the actual hardness.

4. The characteristics of hexabromododecane?

Abbreviated as HBCD or HBCDD, a white solid, additive flame retardant.

5. How do non-professionals judge the quality of the extruded board?

Look at the color: the primary color of the extruded board is white, the closer the color is to black, the worse;

Smell: The poor extruded board smells of plastic near the nose, the lighter the smell, the better the quality;

Finger pressing: Different use environments have different requirements for the compression resistance of the extruded board;

Environmental performance: Class B3 does not contain HBCD, which is recommended for home improvement;

Look at the brand: Choose a more famous and influential brand in the field.

6. What is a white crystal board?

White crystal board is a kind of extruded board because the whole body is white and the raw material is the crystal-grade raw material, it is called white crystal board.

7. What is "recycled material"?

Recycled materials, also known as recycled materials, are waste materials in production or old materials after use, which are formed after reprocessing.

8. How are "recycled materials" classified?

The first-grade recycled plastic particles are 70%-80% of the price of raw materials. It means that the raw materials used are scraps that have not fallen to the ground, also called scraps. In the process of processing new materials, the remaining small corners or the quality of recycled plastic particles are not good enough.

The secondary recycled plastic particles are 50%-70% of the raw material price. Refers to the raw materials that have been used once, and then recycled and processed for use.

The third-grade recycled plastic particles are 20%-50% of the raw material price. It refers to the processed particles that have been used two or more times, and their elasticity, toughness, and other aspects are not very good.

9. What are the hazards of the recycled extruded board?

Safety of building materials. Inferior extruded boards use a large number of recycled materials, and the insulation effect is not good in high-temperature environments, resulting in heat loss. Inferior extruded boards have low strength, poor resilience, and compression resistance. A long time will cause the ground to settle and crack.

Bacteria exceed the standard. To make the extruded board have better performance, such as enhancing flexibility, various plasticizers and stabilizers are added to bring chronic and continuous harm to human health and the natural environment. Once it enters the human body, it will cause accumulated lead poisoning.

Breed toxins. The recycled material extruded board contains a variety of impurities, which cannot form a closed-cell structure and will absorb water under capillary action. Long-term exposure and inhalation of mold spores may cause respiratory diseases and allergic symptoms.

Danger to health. Recycled plastics contain anti-aging agents, colorants, and other chemical substances. Plastic stabilizers such as lead stearate are easily precipitated and endanger human health.

10. What is the "Montreal Protocol"?

The full name is Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, which is the United Nations to prevent the chlorofluorocarbons in industrial products from continuing to deteriorate and damage the earth's ozone layer.

Continuing the general principles of the 1985 Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, on September 16, 1987, 26 member states were invited to sign the Environmental Protection Convention in Montreal, Canada. China signed the convention in 1989. The convention entered into force on January 1, 1989.

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